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Invoice Factoring is a means of turning accounts receivable into immediate cash. In a typical transaction you perform a service or sell goods and then send the invoice to the customer and to us. We put funds into your account (typically 70-80%). Next we collect the invoice and remit the remaining due to you. Invoice factoring gets you cash fast and allows a predictable cash flow.

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Modern Invoice Factoring Service

Invoice Factoring Improves Cash FlowWhen the financial crisis hit companies needed access to funds and invoice factoring turned out to be the perfect financing vehicle for thousands of businesses. With companies holding invoice payments for as long as possible cash flow pressure has never been greater. Invoice factoring gives you access to your cash immediately so that you can manage a budget and reliably predict cash flow. Factoring FAQ's >

We Factor Most Industries:

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Factoring for these industries and more: manufacturing, services, technology, international, freight, distribution, construction, cleaning, staffing, etc.

All Types of Credit Accepted

Our invoice factoring program does not rely heavily on you or your company’s credit scores. What is important is that your customers that you choose to factor have a history of paying their invoices.

Factoring With Simple Set-up

The process begins with a simple one-page invoice factoring application. With this application we can usually tell you what we can offer you and the terms within hours. Unlike lengthy loan applications we have a streamlined process for getting you up and factoring. If you need cash quickly on an ongoing basis call us!

Latest Factoring Technology

We use the latest factoring technology such as fast funding times, online tools, web tracking, and a simple application to get you approved fast at low costs.

No Hidden Fees or Pricing

Other factoring companies promise rates that are too good to be true then hide all types of fees into their program. We show you all fees and costs upfront so there are no suprises.

Pick The Clients To Factor

You don't have to factor every customer. We let you select the companies to factor which are normally those clients who take a long time to pay. Invoice factoring works with you.

Small Business Factoring

At U.S. Financial Companies our focus is on small businesses that need better cash flow. We have helped all types of businesses. Visit our page about our amazing micro-factoring option and apply or call today.
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